WP Email Capture Coupon, Get Pricing And Promo

August 4, 2015

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Coupon Details

Get 15% WP Email Capture coupon in the form of cash rebate. Get the plugin product to receive the discount. Then we are going to rebate 15% of your cash as the offer. There is no need of any additional WP Email Capture coupon code here. Please refer to the image below for more details.

WP Email Capture Rebate

Pricing of WP Email Capture Plugin

A complete email list building tool is very much needed for email marketing and other purposes. The WP Email Capture email marketing plugin can be considered as in that category. This is very much helpful for email marketing. It has impressive pricing plans and it can build the email list of the targeted WordPress sites. The visitor tracking system of this product is very impressive. Like some ordinary tools, it will not create only one list from one website. You can generate multiple lists according to your necessity. The Lite Plan of this is a free plan which is for creating one list though. But the Premium License of this can be used for making multiple lists. There will be maximum 7 different fields to the lists. It offers three templates and facility of creating external lists. When this post was written, coupon code excluded, the normal price of this plan was $49. Overall the WP Email Capture Pricing is fair and affordable.

WP Email Capture Coupon

Features and Review of WP Email Capture

The coupon and promotion being provided on WP Email Capture is a symbol of opportunity for you to enjoy the services of this product at a much more affordable price than before. WP Email Capture contains some cool features. Some of these features have been mentioned here. WP Email Capture is an email marketing plugin designed for WordPress and which is an all in one package. Along with leads tracking as well as template functionality and multiple list building, it is the ultimate solution of email marketing for WordPress. WP Email Capture is capable of tracking visitors. You can easily know from where your signups are coming from with the help of an automatically set-up and easy operating as well as manage stat tracking module. You can also check the methods of your marketing which have paid off easily and quickly.

How to Get WP Email Capture Coupon

If you want to enjoy the coupon, then have it simply by purchasing the product. Then we are going to rebate 15% of your cash as the discount coupon. Please check the above mentioned image for precise informations. WP Email Capture Premium works as a WordPress email marketing plugin. So please get the WP Email Capture coupon as mentioned.

WP Email Capture enables you to build multiple lists of email marketing in one site and also lets you build various lists along with different auto-responders as well as other features. It also builds lists to the external email marketing service of yours. Forms are customizable fully with CSS. WP Email Capture also arrives with different types of templates. Obtain the look which you want easily as well as quickly.