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August 21, 2015

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Coupon Details

We are offering here a 10% Tourweaver coupon upon purchase. This discount is available through these links:

Standard Edition for Windows

Standard Edition for Mac

Professional Edition for Windows

Professional Edition for Mac

Tourweaver Coupon

Here, you don’t need any Tourweaver coupon code to receive this purchase.

Tourweaver Pricing and Plans

Sometimes virtual tours may be needed to be created. Actually huge number of software are not available for creating these. There are a few which can be recommended after considering the efficiency and pricing. One of those is the Tourweaver. As a virtual tour creating software, both of the editions of this software are awesome. For creating so you just need a DSLR camera and the Panoweaver software, which is another product of EasyPano. Tourweaver will is capable of using the panorama images to create the virtual tours. Still pictures can also be used for that purpose. Online as well as offline publishing can be done by this software. Though it is a product of medium pricing, it will let you use so many things in the tours. Maps, popups, 3D models and multimedia etc. can easily be used. With snow & rain effect, lens flare effect and others, the Professional edition of this product has come. The price of this one is $799.95 as of 21 August 2015. With the basic features, the Standard edition is available for $199.95 only. In case of both of the editions, there is nothing to be much about Easypano Tourweaver Pricing.

Review of Easypano Tourweaver

Easypano Tourweaver coupon and promo serves to you a fantastic opportunity for availing the services of this product at a much affordable price. Easypano Tourweaver comes up with some cool features which will draw your attention on this product. Some of these features are mentioned here. Easypano Tourweaver provides virtual tour app. It also provides an online map. Easypano Tourweaver contains a multi-resolution feature which allows loading large images swiftly. Virtual tour components on Easypano Tourweaver are capable of automatically fitting to browser windows on smartphone and tablet. It also contain popup windows feature which assists in making virtual tour much interactive than previously was. The popup windows and main window supports 3D modelling object. Easypano Tourweaver also provides multimedia components.

How to Obtain the Tourweaver Coupon

If you are interested in having the Tourweaver coupon, then simply purchase the product and send us the purchase details, by following the instructions specified in the above mentioned image. Then we will provide you the discount coupon within 24 hours through PayPal. Tourweaver is a professional software for creating virtual tour that shows a real 360° world with transition and panoramic view. We hope you enjoy the Tourweaver coupon.

Easypano Tourweaver contains control buttons, GPS data, cool effects, customizable scroll bar, customization of right-click menu, opened AS API as well as JS API and JpegXR. Easypano Tourweaver also contains gyroscope effect as well as day to night effect. Easypano Tourweaver is one of the most powerful and top virtual tour developing software, allowing you to integrate your panoramas along with online map, hotspot, video etc.