SmartSerialMail Coupon, Receive Promotion And Pricing

August 25, 2015

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Coupon Details

Get here a nice 10% SmartSerialMail coupon upon purchasing the product. Just click above link, this will guide you to the discount offer.

SmartSerialMail Coupon

Please be notified that no extra SmartSerialMail coupon code is required here.

Exclusive Pricing

One of the most amazing email marketing tools is the SmartSerialMail. Various editions of this product may impress you with their pricing and features. All the editions of this software are perfect for bulk mailing. It can be used for creating personal emails and even for making professional quality newsletter. From the MS Outlook, it can import profile setting to the email accounts. Proper user profile management system is one of the best features of this software. It can collect recipient information, remove the invalid recipients from the list, and provide proper reports. Price of the Small Business Edition of this product is only $49.95 according to this post writing time. This is of course a single user license. For a single user, you can also purchase the enterprise edition. For that, the price for you will be $139.95. Same edition of 5-users can be purchased by $419.95. Various bundles including SmartSerialMail have been offered for affordable pricing. Overall, SmartSerialMail Pricing is quite impressive.

SmartSerialMail Review

The coupon and promotion which is being provided on SmartSerialMail serves to you a cool opportunity for enjoying the services of SmartSerialMail at a much reasonable rate than before. It contains some attractive features. Some of these features have been discussed here. It allows you to manage different user profiles which allows you to use many different return addresses and supports you to manage the email marketing campaigns of yours. SmartSerialMail provides easy-to-operate HTML editor and lets you to manage every link in 1 menu and automatically or manually create plain text content. It also gives you detailed delivery reports and also lets you to compress the attachments by reducing the mailing size and send them quickly.

How To Obtain The SmartSerialMail Coupon

Getting the SmartSerialMail coupon is easy. First, purchase the product. Secondly, send us the purchase details. This will give you the discount coupon. SmartSerialMail allows you to automatically send emails to a big number of recipients. We hope you enjoy the SmartSerialMail coupon.

SmartSerialMail gives top priority to your privacy protection and doesn’t share the important contact informations with international as well as insecure servers. It also signs your emails digitally with S/MIME. It directly works in the HTML-code or use the suitable WYSIWYG-editor.