Security Task Manager Coupon, Get A Marvelous Promotion

September 25, 2015

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Coupon Details

Find here an absolutely exclusive 15% Security Task Manager coupon. Receive this discount upon clicking on the above link. This will take you to your offer. No need of any other extra Security Task Manager coupon code here.

Security Task Manager Coupon

Security Task Manager Pricing

Programs that are running on the computer should be monitored. In most of the cases, it can be seen that some programs run in the background of the device. The users have no idea that these are running. That is why the PC can be slower and unprotected. This problem can be solved with the help of a product of the famous Neuber Software. That product is the Security Task Manager. It can be purchased only by $29 for single computer. For multiple computer licenses, the pricing is more attractive. If you purchase this for 3 computers, then the price will be $45. For 100 computers, only $1000 should be paid. That means the unit price will be reduced to $10. Suppose you have a large organization where thousands of computers are used. If you want to use this in those, the unit cost will be $4 as per this post creation time. Hence the Security Task Manager Pricing has not crossed the budget at all.

Security Task Manager Features and Reviews

The Security Task Manager coupon and promotion comes up with an opportunity to you for availing its services at cheaper rate. Security task manager provides intelligible information regarding the processes and programs running on your computer. It improves on Windows Task Manager for every Windows process by providing unique security risk rating, comments from the user community and experts as well as process description and CPU usage graph along with embedded hidden functions etc.

How To Obtain The Security Task Manager Coupon

If you are keen in receiving this coupon, all you need to do is just to click on the above given link. This will give you the discount coupon automatically. Security Task Manager shows the informations about the processes and programs running on your PC. It increases the functionality of the Windows task manager through warning you about potential threats to system. We hope the Security Task Manager coupon satisfies your requirements.

Information about all running processes are provided by security task manager. This includes file path, security risk rating, description etc. The pricing for this Security Task Manager is USD 29.