NXPowerLite Coupon, Get Cool Discounts Upon Purchase

August 12, 2015

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Coupon Details

An exclusive 15% NXPowerLite coupon is being offer upon purchasing of the tool. Applicable for Desktop, JPEG, PowerPoint and any other edition.

Get this discount in a matter of just 24 hours by simply purchasing the product. No need of any NXPowerLite coupon code here. Please refer to the image below for clear instructions.

NXPowerLite Rebate

Exclusive Pricing of NXPowerLite

There are so many documents management tools and converters. But the NXPowerLite is not a converter. It does not change the format of the document file, but actually compress that. So you can send those as email attachment more easily. For compressing the Microsoft Office files, PDFs and the JPEG images, you can choose the NXPowerLite Desktop 6. It has both the Windows and Mac editions. The price of each of this for a single user is $50. You can also get these for multi users for more attractive pricing. PowerPoint edition of this product is also available and it can be used for compressing the Microsoft PowerPoint i.e. PPT files. To get this, you have to pay $29 as per 12 August 2015 without coupon code. May be you are a photographer or reporter. In that case you will need to send photos to others. NXPowerLite JPEG will let you shrink the JPEG photo sizes nicely. The price of this one is $15 only. From this post, it is seen that for each of the editions, NXPowerLite Pricing is affordable.

NXPowerLite Coupon

Review of NXPowerLite

NXPowerLite contains some exclusive features, which are very likely to attract your attention on this product. Besides, the coupon and promo which is being provided on this product gives you a cool opportunity for enjoying the services of this product a much cheaper rate than before. Some of the features of NXPowerLite have been mentioned here. NXPowerLite lets you to compress PDF, Microsoft Office as well as JPEG files from the desktop or Explorer or in email automatically. NXPowerLite is also capable of compressing Powerpoint files effectively and simply, which makes it easy to email them as attachments. NXPowerLite reclaims the storage space through replacing large PDF, JPEG, TIFF files as well as Microsoft Office with smaller version that are optimized.

How to Adopt The NXPowerLite Coupon

Enjoy the cool 15% discount coupon on the NXPowerLite by follow a few steps. The first one is purchasing the product and secondly, send us the purchase details, following the instructions in the aforementioned image. That’s all. You will receive the coupon within 24 hours as we mentioned before. The NXPowerrLite helps you in shrinking files. Its a simple software to compress Microsoft Office files, PDF, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more. We are looking forward to see you have the NXPowerLite coupon.

The currently supported email clients of NXPowerLite are Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Outlook Express. NXPowerLite has over 2 million satisfied and happy customers worldwide. It is a refreshingly simple software for compressing PDF, JPEG files as well as Microsoft Office.