MITCalc Coupon, Get An Amazing Discount Rate

September 14, 2015

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Coupon Details

Enjoy an awesome discount of 20% MITCalc being provided here. To receive this MITCalc coupon, simply click on the following links. This will automatically generate the offer. You don’t require any additional MITCalc coupon code here.

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MITCalc Coupon

Impressive Pricing

No matter you are a mechanical engineer or a technical employee, you must need some tools for calculations. Various types of industrial and technical calculation solutions are offered by the MITCalc. The name MIT comes from the mechanical, industrial and technical. Pricing for the products of this company are not high at all. Individual products can be purchased or you can choose the packages. Geometrical designs of the shafts can be created with the Shaft Design and Calculation of this company. Only 19€ is the price of these tools. Similarly, you can choose the Straight Beal Calculation which is offered for €14 only. Very easy straight beam definition has been added in this tool. Various cross sectional facility has also been integrated. Just like these, MITCalc Profiles Static Characteristics are available for €12. Two packages of the calculations are available for attractive pricing. The 3D Calculation Package cost is only €299 for lifetime. It can be purchased in €79 for one year. Normal Calculation Package lifetime price is €249 and cost for one year subscription is €69. Overall, it can be said that that the MITCalc pricing is not high and suitable for the engineers.

MITCalc Features and Review

The coupon and promo we are providing of MITCalc serves to you an excellent opportunity to enjoy its services at a much cheaper rate. MITCalc contains some unique features some of which of are mentioned here. It contains design as well as check calculations of a lot of common tasks like spur gear, worm gear, bevel gear, timing belt, planetary gearing, chain drives, v-belt, springs, bearings, beam, plates, buckling, shells, plates, shaft, shaft connection, bolt connection, force couplings of shafts, tolerances, pins etc. It supports simple interconnection between individual parts. It also cooperates with a lot of 2D and 3D CAD systems.

How To Obtain The MITCalc Coupon

If you want to enjoy the coupon, then simply click on the above given link. This will lead you to the discount coupon. MITCalc is a technical and mechanical circulation package, that includes solutions for gearings, chain, belt, beams, springs and shafts. We hope you avail the MITCalc coupon.

MITCalc which is an open system is designed in MS Excel of which, you can make more modifications or user extensions without the necessity of having any programming skill. MITCalc precisely, reliably and quickly will guide you through the solution of a technical problem, the design of components or an engineering point calculation without requiring any significant expert knowledge.