FlippingBook Publisher Coupon, Get Promo And Pricing

August 13, 2015

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Coupon Details

We are here with a cool 10% FlippingBook Publisher coupon that is going to be provided to you as cash rebate. This discount of 10% is a stair to getting this cool product at a good cut price and applicable for Basic, Professional and Business license. Just follow the easy instructions given in the image below to get a clear view about the method.

FlippingBook Publisher Rebate

You don’t require any FlippingBook Publisher coupon code in this aspect to receive the offer.

Pricing of FlippingBook Publisher

Various steps can be taken into account for attracting more clients. One of the best ways it to offer them the flip books. For online publishing, these books are very much effective. But from a normal PDF document, how you can create such thing? With very attractive pricing, a very effective solution is waiting for you. The FlippingBook Publisher is one of the most convenient flip book publishing software. It can make those documents mobile friendly. Among three different editions of this software, the Basic Edition is the cheapest one considering the price. It can be purchased by $399. As par this post writing time, cost of Professional Plan is $699 and it is for 2 workstations. This plan is recommended for digital marketers. For branded white label publishing, the Business Edition can be chosen. The price of this one with 3 workstations support is $1,199. Actually the FlippingBook Publisher pricing is finely adjusted considering the features.

FlippingBook Publisher Coupon

Review of FlippingBook Publisher

The coupon and promotion being provided on FlippingBook Publisher is a symbol of opportunity for enjoying the services of this product at a much affordable price than before. FlippingBook Publisher comes up with some handful of features some of which have been mentioned here. These are very likely to draw your attention on this product. FlippingBook Publisher provides realistic page flipping, intuitive reader interface, fast content delivery, support iPhone, iPad and Android. Every publication that are created with FlippingBook Publisher are exclusive in look because of its powerful design customization tool as well as the White Label option. Besides, it provides 24 beautiful standard skins, advanced customization as well as white label. FlippingBook Publisher also provides good distribution option in order to quickly and conveniently deliver information for the reader.

How to Acquire The FlippingBook Publisher Coupon

To acquire the discount coupon on FlippingBook Publisher, just purchase the product first. Then follow the instructions mentioned in the image above for getting a clear view about receiving the coupon. FlippingBook Publisher helps in making modern flip books for digital catalogs, digital brochures, online magazines with page flip animation. We hope we can satisfy you with the FlippingBook Publisher coupon.

FlippingBook Publisher provides pop-up window option and they also receive orders by email. FlippingBook Publisher also provides link to your web store directly and also receive orders by email. FlippingBook Publisher also provides cloud services as well as fast online storage, access control and publication management.