Event Espresso Pricing, Get Coupon on Purchase

July 7, 2015

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Coupon Details

Get 15% Event Espresso coupon in the form of cash rebate. As there is no official discount available here, so we would like to provide rebate as an alternative. No extra Event Espresso coupon code is required.

Event Espresso Coupon

Event Espresso Pricing

Event Espresso comes up with three packages- EE4 Developer License, EE4 Everything License and EE4 Personal License. The features of EE4 Developer License are- 5 sites, 51+ premium features, add-ons are sold separately. The Event Espresso pricing for this product is $279.95. EE4 Developer License has the following features- 1 site, 51+ premium features as well as 15 premium add-ons. It is worth $279.95. The last package EE4 personal license has the following features- 1 site and 51+ premium features. The add-ons are sold separately. Its price is $69.95. The price has been mentioned separately for this even registration plugin. The exclusive features have made this premium plugin worth what it is priced.

Features and Reviews of Event Espresso

The coupon and promotion which is being served on Event Espresso here at our website brings to you an excellent opportunity for enjoying the amazing services of this cool product at a much affordable price than before. It contains some pretty cool features. These features are very likely to attract your attention and impress you. Some of which have been mentioned here. Event Espresso comes up with multiple ticket as well as pricing options. You can use the template options as well as parts, CSS or HTML of Event Espresso in order to make your events and also registration pages seems to be just same as the rest of your site. The integration with payment gateways enables you in collection money to cover up the cost of organizing events well before they start. Event Espresso provides you the most responsive and most beautiful event management.

How to Get Event Espresso Coupon

So if you like to have the coupon, please get our above discount coupon offer that will be provided as cash rebate. Since, there is no coupon code available here, so please avail the above offer. This is a cool online event registration and ticketing plugin. So please get the Event Espresso coupon as mentioned.

Event Espresso brings to you a lot of rich features and that too at a smart price. The main goal of Event Espresso is to provide you full control over your online event registration and also over your money. Event Espresso lets you to easily publicize your events and also to maintain control of the details of attendee. Event Espresso also provides good customer support.