EditPlus Coupon, Get A Fabulous Discount Pricing

August 27, 2015

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Coupon Details

We are offering here a nice 15% EditPlus coupon. This discount is available for this tool with above link.

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EditPlus Coupon

EditPlus Pricing and Plans

It is true that there are several highly popular text editors. Normally people love to choose most popular tools, though they have to pay more price for that. It is a powerful text editor which can be recommended, though it is not the most popular one. Very impressive text highlighting facilities will be offered by this product. It can deal with various coding like CSS, JavaScript and HTML, etc. Code folding and hex viewer features of EditPlus is also very much impressive. It provides several text clips which can be used for several projects. Those are easily accessible and editable. You will get the power to create your own text clips. The pricing of this tool is affordable for all. For Single User license, the cost is $35.00 as of this post writing time. 10 and 50 user license prices of these are respectively $230.00 and $700.00. By paying only $900.00, you can purchase the 100 user license of it. Truly, EditPlus pricing plans are flexible and reasonable.

Features and Reviews of EditPlus

The coupon and promo being provided on EditPlus brings to you a handful of opportunity to enjoy its services at a much cheaper rate. It possesses some cool features. Some of its features have been mentioned here. EditPlus supports customizable and and powerful syntax highlighting for CSS, HTML, ASP, PHP, Java, JavaScript by default. It provides seamless web browsing FTP features. It also supports fast as well as convenient code folding feature on the basis of line indentation. It also supports important tools like HTML Color Picker, Table Generator, Character Picker as well as Object Picker and also supports user-defined tools, keystroke recording files and help files.

How To Adopt The EditPlus Coupon

The coupon on EditPlus has made it easy for you to avail its services at a cheaper rate. Get this discount coupon by availing the above mentioned offer. For a clear concept about the method, please take a proper look at the aforementioned image. EditPlus is a HTML editor, PHP editor, text editor and Java editor designed for Windows. We hope you enjoy the EditPlus coupon.

A time-saving feature of EditPlus is auto completion, which turns a short abbreviation to a complete string. Line number, column selection, ruler, powerful search and replace, spell checker, multiple undo/redo, customizable keyboard shortcuts are some of the remarkable features of EditPlus.