Easy Macro Recorder Discount, Enjoy A Nice Promotion

September 15, 2015

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A marvelous 15% Easy Macro Recorder discount is being provided here. Get this coupon upon simply clicking on the above provided link. This will automatically generate the offer. You don’t need any additional Easy Macro Recorder discount code on this occasion.

Easy Macro Recorder Discount

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Sometimes we need to do repetitive tasks on our computer. That means same operations should be done over and over again. But these tasks can be done more easily with the help of the macros. For recording and dealing with the macros, you have to purchase software like Easy Macro Recorder. It has the capability to record the keystrokes and mouse clicks and use those as macros. Then those can be repeated periodically for specific tasks. Normally the pricing of this type of product is bit high. But in the case of Easy Macro Recorder it is not that high. $29.95 is the single license price of this software. But if you get 2-9 licenses at a time, the unit price will be $22 only. In the case of 10-24 licenses, this unit cost will be reduced to $17 as of September 6, 2015. By the similar fashion, if you purchase 500 units or more than that, price per license will be $6 only. Stunning Easy Macro Recorder pricing has made this more popular to the customers.

Easy Macro Recorder Features and Reviews

We mentioned here some of the key features of Easy Macro Recorder. Besides, the promo and discount which we are providing upon Easy Macro Recorder serves to you a good opportunity for enjoying its services at a reasonable price. It records all the events of keystrokes and mouse of any application of Windows. It also enables you to perform time-consuming or tedious things without doing them by yourself actually. With several commands, it is easy to use macro editor. Besides, its also easy to operate and doesn’t require any knowledge of programming.

Procedure of Getting The Easy Macro Recorder Discount

Easy Macro Recorder is an important utility which automates tedious and repetitive tasks on computer. Have the coupon on this product by simply clicking on the aforementioned link. This will give you the discount coupon. We hope the Easy Macro Recorder discount satisfies you.

Easy Macro Recorder is very useful utility for automating tedious and repetitive tasks on your PC. The cost per license for Easy Macro Recorder is only $29.95. You can purchase the volume licenses through SWREG.