Anti DDoS Guardian Discount, Get A Descent Coupon

September 11, 2015

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Coupon Details

Avail a nice 25% Anti DDos Guardian discount available here. To receive the offer, just click on the above link. This link will automatically generate the coupon.

Anti DDoS Guardian IP License

Anti DDoS Guardian IP-free License

Please take note that no additional Anti DDos Guardian discount code is needed here.

Anti DDoS Guardian Coupon

Anti DDoS Guardian Pricing

An online service will be unavailable if there is a large number of traffic. Another problem can arise for which such service can be unavailable. That is the Distributed Denial of Service attack. Due to this DDoS attack huge number of traffic can be established from various sources. That is why your online service can be engaged or unavailable for the original traffics. There is one solution for this problem and that is available for attractive pricing. This product can stop, ICMP, TCP and other types of floods. It supports the Windows OS of all versions. There are two types of licenses available for the Anti DDoS Guardian. One is the IP license and another one is the IP-free license.

We are looking forward to see you have the Anti DDos Guardian discount. The first one can be purchased from only $99.95 according to September 5, 2015. The second one is also offered for amazing prices. If you purchase three IP Licenses by the price $209.85, single IP-free license will be offered to you. Anti DDoS Guardian pricing is reasonable because there is no limitation of time for those.

Features and Review of Anti DDoS Guardian

The discount and promo on Anti DDoS Guardian brings to you a cool opportunity to avail the benefits of Anti DDoS Guardian at a reasonable price. Anti DDoS Guardian comes up with a handful of features some of which are mentioned here. It provides network flow as well as TCP connection management. It also controls TCP half-open connection, UDP flow and also blocks country IP addresses. It provides Firewall protection. Anti DDoS Guardian also looks up remote IP addresses as well as ownership information. Anti DDoS Guardian also records every blocked and permitted IP addresses.

How To Get The Anti DDos Guardian Discount

Anti DDos Guardian guards your Windows server from DDos attacks. The coupon on this product gives you a good opportunity to enjoy the services of this product at a much reasonable price. Get the discount coupon by simply clicking on the link above. This will automatically generate the offer price.

Anti DDoS Guardian is used by about 5000 Internet servers around the world in order to stop DDos attacks. You can this Anti DDoS Guardian as a service for Windows.